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Our team

Guiding the formation of students

Zeyt Yossef Yeshiva University is proud to have a team of passionate teachers making a difference in the lives of students with unremitting dedication to education. Meet each of the team members below.


Rabbi Yossef Baruch

Rosh Yeshiva and Professor

Rosh Yeshiva (rabbi-president) and institutional creator of Zeyt Yossef. Its creation emerged from the aspiration for a study center that would make available to Messianic Judaism the conjuncture of the content of a traditional yeshivah and a Jewish-messianic yeshiva in one.


Rosh Sh'muel

Assistant professor

Since joining Zeyt Yossef Yeshiva University, Rosh Sh'muel has brought his dedication and passion to classes every day. His knowledge and skill makes him ideal as our Assistant Professor.

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Rosh Mordechai

Assistant professor

Loved by students and staff, Rosh Mordechai brings knowledge, enthusiasm and joy to Zeyt Yossef Yeshiva University. As our assistant professor, he is an invaluable part of our team.


Rabanit Chanah Emunah


Rabanit Chanah is talented and dedicated to the smooth running of Yeshiva. Her organization and skill with people makes her an exemplary secretary.

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Mr. Ozeas

Pedagogical coordinator

Mr. Ozeas is very well liked by the team and essential for Yeshiva's good educational quality. It monitors the performance of teachers and monitors the evolution of bachurim by giving advice and assessments to the student and teaching staff.

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Mrs. Marsy

Dean of Planning, Development and Finance

When Mrs. Marsy joined our team as dean of finance, we were thrilled with her energy and motivation. Mrs. Marsy is always excited to take on the next challenge and move our team forward.

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