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Academic program

Discovery, learning and commitment

At Zeyt Yossef Yeshiva University, we believe that effective education is not just about memorization and shiurim. Active participation in the learning process involves analysis, machloket (discussion) and collaboration to be able to understand and retain. All of our courses are designed to encourage deep mental processing and the involvement of the bachur (student) with the teaching material.

Menino, escrita, letras hebréias, ligado

Associate in Basic Jewish Sciences

"The foundation of foundations and firmest pillar of all wisdom is, To know that there is a First Being" (Ramba"m, Foundations of the Torah). Knowing the bases of Jewish faith and biblical thinking allows us to reach the most complex contents without allowing ourselves to leave the path of temperance and good customs.

Library Study Group

Graduation in Jewish Sciences

The Graduation in Jewish Sciences includes a thorough and thorough study of all Sha"s (Mishnah), a fundamental text of Jewish Law, where the passages of the Written Torah and Brit Chadashah are clarified. In addition, the bachur (student) will also learn to have a Jewish religious experience with explanations and practical classes of various halachot (Jewish laws) based on the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law).

Levando Torah Scrolls

Master in Jewish Sciences

Deepening in parshanut (Jewish hermeneutics) and drashanut (halachic exegesis) based on the main rabbis of Jewish history such as the Maimonides, the Rash"i and the Baalei HaTosafot. Including the learning of Hebrew, Aramaic and English, fundamental languages for specialized diving in Jewish Literature.


PhD in Jewish Sciences

Doctorate directed towards Jewish Mysticism (Kabalah), Chassidut and Acharit Haiamim (Jewish-Messianic Eschatology). From the history of Kabalah to the complex concepts of Maasei Merkavah and Maasei Bereshit are skillfully taught by our teachers.

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